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Best Weight Gainer For Dogs and Cats

Updated: Mar 28


RRP £69.99 OUR SALE PRICE £ 39.59

High calorie, highest quality, fantastic price. Made with the finest natural ingredients. Our weight gain is safe, effective, contains no toxins, no steroids, no mood altering ingredients, no soy, no GMO, no artificial flavours

Ideal choice for pets that would benefit from having greater size and energy or assisting the building of muscle mass.

For Underweight, recovering, Aging, fussy eaters, malnourished or scrawny pets. An ideal choice for all breeds including cats

Maximise protein intake to promote growth


Made with the finest high quality Ingredients. Our weight gainer will provide healthy weight while contributing to health and well being.

AAC Hench Range have used the highest Quality protein, and an abundance of vitamins, minerals and enzymes to give your pet the best possible results. Contains the healthiest fats making it the healthiest choice by far.

Increase healthy weight

Enhance appetite

Improve strength

Helps in building muscle mass

Improve muscle and function

Provides healthy skin and coat

Improve immune function


Enhance health and well being


Decrease joint and muscle discomfort

Aids healthy skin and coat

Decrease Inflammation

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