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Are you aware that if a dog approaches you, this doesn't mean the dog is ready or interested in interaction.

When a dog sees a new person for the first time, the dog may be unsure what to make if this

unfamiliar person will get a little closer to check them out. They will sniff the leg to gather information through scent.

If a hand suddenly reaches down and touches the neck or head. The dog will wonder where that has come from. The dog was ready for checking you out, not for being touched. The dog may stiffen, pull back, growl or even nip as a way of telling you…..hey wait!! I'm not comfortable yet.

If you have a dog that will approach humans, observe, sniff and run away or lash out when a person tries to talk or touch. This dog is not ready for interaction. You should then give the clear direction to people that the dog may sniff you but please ignore and don't touch until the dog has had his sniff and seems relaxed and comfortable.

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