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Socialising Dogs

Many will believe that there is something wrong with their dog if they can't or don't want to Socialise with all the neighbouring dogs in the park.

Many will believe they should be running around in large groups able to mingle and play with a multitude of furry friends

.some will believe there is something wrong with the dog if they don't.

This is not the case..

The natural behaviour has been well researched and documented by studying street and feral dogs in many counties.

The dog species do not mix in large unfamiliar packs because of the risk of trouble fights and endangering scenarios.

Dogs as a species form only friendships with a select few trusted others. It is natural that they do not actively seek friendships and play mates from unfamiliar packs.

Dogs can be very sociable but that does not mean in large groups of unfamiliar dogs. So if your dog is choosing to avoid unfamiliar dogs or demonstrates uncertainty that is normal. There is nothing natural about dogs in large numbers partaking in everyday mingling park sessions. This should not be the benchmark in Socialising dogs as it is setting an unrealistic goal for both pet and owner.

If your dog is not at its best in such an environment you are doing no wrong and there is nothing wrong with your pet. Your dog is normal.

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