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Your pet's teeth should be checked yearly by a good vet.

Good pet dental hygiene should start at home.

Taking care of your pets oral health can extend their life by 20% 2-5 years

Dental neglect and gum disease have been linked to many serious and fatal conditions in both cats and dogs, including heart, kidney, liver and lungs

Many cats and dogs are showing signs of dental and gum disease by the age of 3 years.

Check for indication signs..

Bad breath

Browned teeth

Swelling on face or under eye

Pawing at the mouth

Difficulty eating l

Small breeds have more densely-packed teeth, and as a result are more prone to gum disease than larger breeds. Keep a close eye on chipped teeth from fractures from chewing bones as this can also lead to infection.

To help prevent tartar build up and gum disease, brush your dog's teeth everyday or at least weekly. Never use human toothpaste. ( quick promotion) try our hemp dental spray. It's quick and easy to use and no brushing required.. see details in our product pages. AAC hemp Oral spray is suitable for both cats and dogs.

If brushing, use a toothbrush suitable for cats and dogs. Brush using the same movements as you would brushing your own teeth. Using small massaging circles at outer and inner gum lines and across chewing surfaces. Finger gloves are also available, I find these are not too difficult to use with smaller dogs, larger dogs can tend to get a bit slobbery. And cats... Well I could direct you to a good body Armour


It's best to get your dog or cat used to brushing as a puppy or kitten as it can be like mission impossible if you first attempt as an adult. I did however have one dog Ember.. She loved having her teeth brushed. She would come running when she knew. As for the rest of my dogs.. not so much... I was happy to find dental spray, which not only made life easier but saved so much time and effort.

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