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Best Ear Treatment For Pets Uk

Thorned@Canker Ear Powder – Your Solution for Pet Ear Health!

Are your furry companions experiencing ear discomfort or issues? Look no further! Thorned@Canker Ear Powder is here to provide relief and promote healthy ears for dogs, cats, and rabbits.


🐶 Dogs: Soothes and helps treat ear infections, inflammation, and itching in dogs of all breeds and sizes.

🐱 Cats: Helps alleviate ear mites, yeast infections, and ear wax buildup in feline friends.

🐰 Rabbits: Supports in treating ear mites and ear infections in rabbits, ensuring their ear health is maintained.

Key Ingredients help

 Absorbs moisture and helps keep the ear dry to prevent bacterial and fungal growth.

🌟 Act as a protective barrier and aids in soothing irritated skin and promoting healing.

🌿 : Contains antiseptic properties, helps in fighting off infections.

🌟 Helps control yeast and bacterial growth in the ear canal.

🌿 Provides a cooling sensation and helps relieve itching and discomfort.

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