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Arthritis is a long term condition an estimated 20% of dogs in the UK suffer from osteoarthritis, although there will be many more unreported, unknown, or at early undetected stages

Although arthritis does not directly shorten a dog's lifespan, however, arthritis will slowly worsen over time and the quality of life will suffer and decline.

If managed correctly most dog's can live a happy life even after diagnosis

SIGNS OF ARTHRITIS some if the main signs of arthritic conditions in dogs can include

Stiffness or swollen joints Stiffness or difficulty in getting up after resting Unexpected aggressive behaviour or changes in mood for no other particular reason Lameness in one or more legs Reluctant in being touched or petted in particular areas Loss of stamina Walking slowly or with Stiffness Reluctant to go up or down stairs An overweight dog will put extra strain on its bones and joints, so keep your dog to an ideal weight as an essential. Use soft padded bedding Raise food to elbow height Adhere to prescribed feeding and medication recommendations Adjust activity to suit pain levels PREVENTATIVE Allowing your dog to grow slowly as a puppy Maintain a lean body condition throughout growth and as a fully grown adult Feed them with good nutrition Give regular exercise . Using a good quality supplement will be beneficial in preventing and easing pain after diagnosis.

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