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Ear Mites In Pets. How Do I recognise Them.

The dark, crumbly discharge in the ears resembling coffee grounds is often associated with an ear mite infestation in pets. The discharge is typically a combination of mite debris, earwax, blood, and skin cells. It may have a dark brown or black colour and a gritty texture, resembling coffee grounds in appearance. This discharge is a characteristic sign of ear mites and can be seen on the outer ear or within the ear canal. If you notice this type of discharge in your pet's ears, it is important to seek veterinary attention for proper diagnosis and treatment.

2....Some common characteristics of the dark, crumbly discharge in the ears associated with ear mite infestation in pets include:

1. Colour: The discharge is typically dark brown or black in colour, resembling coffee grounds.

2. Texture: It has a crumbly or gritty texture, similar to small particles or granules.

3. Ear Odor: The discharge may have a foul odor, often described as a strong, unpleasant smell.

4. Quantity: The amount of discharge can vary, ranging from a small amount to a significant buildup within the ear canal.

5. Itching and Irritation: Pets with ear mite infestations often experience intense itching and irritation in their ears, leading to frequent scratching or rubbing of the ears.

6. Redness and Inflammation: The presence of ear mites can cause inflammation and redness in the ear canal, which may be visible along with the discharge.

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