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What can help my pet with dementia

Many pets, especially Aging ones, can suffer from dementia. This can cause symptoms like anxiety, confusion, stress, nervousness and disorientation.

To help direct your pet and prevent other symptoms appearing, there are several things you can do to help.

Firstly, talking to your vet is important as medication and supplements will help keep your pet calm.

Try sticking as much as possible to routine and stick to it daily as this will reduce stress and anxiety.

If your pet suffers from anxiety try our CLAM + PROTECT, which will not only soothe and calm but provides extra joint and Muscle support.

After developing a routine it is important to stick to it..

Some ideas for routine ..

Stick to a feeding schedule, stick to feeding at the same time in the same place each day. Feed a natural healthy diet ensuring correct nutritional value. Try our 18 in 1 multi vitamins that also contain probiotics for a healthy immune and digestion .

Take your pet to the toilet at the same time. It's best to keep them to a regular walking map. Let them play and try to keep active using toys and take them to bed each night at the same time. Give your pet plenty of exercise but know their limitations. Exercise will help relieve stress and keep them active and motivated.

Be careful not to leave doors open in case your pet decides to take themselves for a walk .

Giving your dog natural supplements is a good idea as they have zero side effects. Turmeric and coconut have been recommended and will give many health benefits and have antioxidant effects. Try out golden paste chews . .

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