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AAC 18 in 1 Multi Vitamin + Probiotic

Multi Function Formula Supplement Soft Chew


To successfully produce healthy Quality pups that will reach full potential, it is vital that the bitch is of utmost health and should be in perfect physical and nutritional condition.

Being underweight, overweight or having any nutritional deficiency will not only lead to various health problems during and after pregnancy but affect pups' health both mentally and physically.

It is of utmost importance for the development of a pup that the bitch is without nutritional deficiency so the pups are happy, healthy and can reach full potential ..vitamins are vital for quality milk which will provide the pups with the best start to life.

18 in 1 provides health maintenance, gut and digestive health. Immune boost, skin and health and contains folic acid that is beneficial to support developing fetuses and reduce risk of many midline defects and a number of other health issues.

18 in one contains Biotin to help support connective tissue plus contains many more beneficial ingredients.

18 in one can be given long term to any bitch used in a breeding, Muscle working, showing, Sporting or non professional pet home. To help boost nutritional Intake. But recommended 1 -2 months before mating

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