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How to Improve Muscle In Arthritic Dogs & Ageing Dogs. Hench Range

Muscle-building supplements can help dogs with arthritis in several ways:

Strengthening muscles: Arthritis can lead to muscle atrophy, where the muscles surrounding the affected joints become weaker. Muscle-building supplements can help promote muscle growth and strength, which can provide better support to the joints and alleviate some of the stress and strain on them.

Improved joint stability: Strong muscles can help stabilize the joints and provide better support. This can help reduce the pressure on the affected joints and provide relief from pain and discomfort.

Increased mobility and range of motion: Building muscle can improve a dog's overall mobility and range of motion. This can make it easier for them to move around, climb stairs, jump, and engage in physical activities.

 Overall fitness and weight management: Muscle-building supplements can contribute to a dog's overall fitness and help maintain a healthy weight. Excess weight can put additional strain on the joints, exacerbating arthritis symptoms. By promoting muscle growth and supporting weight management, these supplements can help reduce the burden on the joints.

It's important to note that while muscle-building supplements may provide some benefits for dogs with arthritis, they should be used in conjunction with other appropriate treatments and under the guidance of a veterinarian. Each dog's condition is unique, and a veterinarian can recommend the most suitable supplements and treatment plan based on the individual dog's needs.

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