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BY L-D L.... AGE 11


Why do I love my staffs quite so much?

Some of my friends think I'm quite out of touch

They don't use the handle, just barge in the door

Leaving their footprints all over the floor

They don't do the dishes or pay any rent

What kind of animal is this to invent?

The don't use the loo

I've to pick up their pooh

They don't go to school

Their nobody's fool

Just when I think I'm safe in my bed

Here come the dogs to jump on my head

I don't need an alarm beside my bed

The dogs take on this role instead

They scratch and they sniff and they lick me to death

Oh my god what terrible bad breath

I look put my work ready for school

Would you believe,,, it's covered in drool

Oh no that's another detention

I told them not to do it, but do they pay attention

I come home from school cold, late and tired

What have they done? Not a lot they've retired

I go to my room and Oh what a sight

Looks like poor Teddy has been in a fight

By L- D L

AGE 11

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