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Muscle Atrophy in Aging and Less Active Dogs. What Can Help Muscle Wastage

Fighting the signs of Aging

Hench Range Muscle supplements and protein powders are ideal for Aging Dogs packed with amino acids, enzymes minerals and vitamins.

Some ingredients::

High quality, easily digestible Protein, Folic acid

Fish oil Salmon oil, Biotin, Iron

zinc. Vitamins, Calcium

Rosemary, Hemp Flaxseed and Evening Primrose oils

Atrophy (Muscle wasting)

As dogs begin to age the Muscle tissue begins to waste particularly on the hind legs. This will occur over time and may not seem obvious straight away. Often going unrecognised, especially more difficult to detect in breeds with longer coats.

As dogs age their nutritional needs change and are no longer able to process protein In the same way as their younger counterparts . Hench Range JACKEDBITE can help immensely with providing the correct nutritional value to help your old dog regain and maintain a bit of youth. Providing an array of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids necessary for healthy strong muscles and overall health and well-being.

Jackedbite contains no steroids. It's 100% safe and effective in building Muscle through the correct nutritional value. It contains 35% high grade, non GMO, quality protein.

Aging Dogs need around 50% more protein in their diet compared to younger dogs. Often formulated diets don't contain enough to satisfy their needs

Muscle Atrophy is often caused by inactivity, not just in elderly dogs but in younger dogs that have not had enough exercise or often too much cage rest. It is often possible to reverse with adequate nutrition and exercise. Also by using a good joint support like advanced hip and joint to help support joints and help your dog stay younger and active longer.

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