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Welcome to my first blog for Advanced Animal Care.

In-fact welcome to my first blog ever.

I must admit that I had no clue where to start or what to start with. It was indeed one of those times when you can think of many things to say, but have no clue where to begin. Then there is was, like out of the blue, I had a poem in my hand, no idea how how it even got on my desk, so I took it as a sign.

It must be well over 20 years ago I met a man names Jim at a dog show in Scotland. He has somehow read one of my poems I had written. We spoke together about some poetry and it was only then I realised he had written many poems himself. I suggested to him to get his poetry back out and do something with it.. Jim decided to put his poems together in a book. He later thanked me for the talk. Later I was send a draft of his book and in it a poem that he dedicated to myself.

So for my first blog I would like to share Jim's poem with you and dedicate my first blog in his memory.

Jim a wise man who over the years gave me some great dog and pet advice

Thank you Jim . Gone but never forgotten


When his eyes closed my heart ceased to beat

He had been by my side since the age if six weeks

They could have taken my organs my five senses too

It can not be as painful as life without you

I remember your pups dreams all growls and despair

For when opening your eyes it was only me there

Where were the demons that you'd chased away

I'd give a year of my life for just one more day

As you grew older you filled me with pride

A magnificent Red Stafford who walked by my side

The things that have happened that only we know

Will someone explain PLEASE why he had to go

Its now three years later the pain is still strong

One song that you taught me, The WILL To Go On .

I could write words forever, there are none it would seem that could really do justice to our beautiful dream

I can only say thank you for showing me care

I am far richer for the life that we shared

Meg fearless warrior, was My first Stafford, I wrote this in 1977 three years after his death, I read Emma's poem which inspired me to share this.

Thank you Emma

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