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Updated: Aug 24, 2022

As your puppies adult teeth begin to cut through, there is a high probability she will have some teething pain.

Some of the signs of a puppy with teething pain are as follows.

Intensified chewing

Pawing at the mouth

Red or swollen gums

Slivering/drooling more frequently

Ears that change positioning like dropping/ flopping or sitting in altered position

Do not worry about the Ears flopping; they will more often than not return to normal soon. This can be a major concern for people owning puppy's that wish to show them In the future .

Provide plenty of chew toys at this time, remembering to provide toys that can not be swallowed, bitten in to pieces or ripped to shreds

For pain relief you can try rubbing bonjela, baby teething gel or similar into the gums. You can try tying a dish towel into a knot placed in the freezer to freeze and once frozen, give it to your puppy to chew on, the cold on the gums can help ease pain and reduce the swelling. An old favourite of mine was to feed a frozen or semi frozen block of their minced raw meat.. the Advanced Animal Care dental spray contains hemp, so will be a good aid to help with some of the teething pain it will also keep mouth clean, keep bacteria down and cleaning the teeth at the same time. See in store for hemp dental and oral cleaner spray. Please do not listen to the old wives tales, there are so many things going around involving dogs' health and training .I've heard and seen many terrible and fatal outcomes where old wives tales are concerned. If in doubt, speak to your vet.

It is a good idea to keep good oral hygiene at this time. The earlier you start cleaning a dog's teeth the better. Check on my pet oral cleaner description pages and images for more details.

Keep a close eye on your puppy's teeth at this time as it is quite common for baby teeth to remain in the gums while the adult teeth are pushed through. This can result in painful swollen gums and the adult teeth can be pushed into the wrong place causing inverted canines or misplaced teeth. This can cause considerable problems later on.

Get your vet to check your puppy's teeth as he may decide to remove the baby ones if he feels they are solid into the gums.

If this happens you can apply a little pressure to the teeth and give them a little wiggle to help lose them.

Providing hard bones can also help be wary of providing raw hide chews as they are a choking hazard. I have written a short blog on the subject of rawhide chews and bones.

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